Wedding WOW me please.

Here ya go. I’ve been photographing weddings professionally since 1989… yeah – that’s right – 27 years. Yes… I am that old… and yes I started with medium and large format cameras (the stone age). So… after 900+ weddings – I can pretty much say I’ve seen it all. I’ve photographed in 40 states and 6 countries… from weddings with 500+ attending, to a Grateful Dead wedding a mile back in the woods in a field… goth weddings… balloon weddings… I don’t even know where to start.
I NEED SOMETHING CRAZY FUN. It can be an elopement or big wedding. I’m offering 50% off any one of my packages to the first wedding couple that can WOW me with the wedding they have planned.  Please e-mail my right hand Jenny at and I need a theme, a plan, your wedding date, your wedding location, how you met or your story, and why your wedding is going to be something I’ve never seen before. 
ENTRIES must be received before November 1st, 2016.  I MUST have your wedding date available to qualify.Jeanine Thurston_RR3

Forever seeking to be heard.

For a brief time that I remember – my mother truly escaped herself & the confines of her mind and the limitations that it imposed on her being – this was many years ago. It’s when that freedom ended again that I had decided that I needed to explore and to be free and never be trapped by my own mind and the fear of all the limitations that life, other peoples opinions, and this false set of rules that age builds like a massive wall – like a prison.

My mother struggled with depression and anxiety, and the drugs that she was told kept her feelings normal.  When she died of cancer this past year – I haven’t wanted to really talk about it – because cancer wasn’t the thing that I felt killed her.  I went to one of her oncology appointments after she was diagnosed.   The day before this appointment we had a very long talk about what she wanted… she had already been through some chemo at this point with no results.  Yet we sat there with the doctor to discuss her options going forward.  As the doctor was talking, her eyes glassed over as I could see her giving up and going back into whatever everyone else wants.  The Doctor stopped talking and my mother clearly said she did NOT want any more chemo.   See – the chemo that they were trying was not proven in any way to help my mom’s type of cancer but the Doctor said we should still try it.  But as she spoke those words I do NOT want any more chemo… nobody in that room heard her except for me.  They may have heard her words, but they quickly dismissed them as un-true or not valid.  The Doctor immediately pipped up saying that by not continuing to at least try with chemo it was like she was committing suicide.

MY HEART STOPPED WHEN I HEARD THOSE WORDS OUT OF THE DOCTORS MOUTH…. and I was screaming the top of my lungs from the inside that he had no right to say that and this was NOT anything like suicide… all that I muttered out was “I don’t agree with that statement at all” and then I squeezed my mom’s hand and told her “that isn’t true, and you make your own choice”.  It was the most unprofessional thing I have ever heard and I will hear his voice ringing in my head for the rest of my life.  He played the bully.  He did not know her, and did not understand that she did have an opinion and a reason for her opinion – and that everyone has a right to choose for themselves.  He pushed off her feelings of not wanting to continue with chemo as her depression talking.  I don’t care how many cancer patients he has been through – he not ONCE asked her why she felt that way or tried to consider her feelings or understand that what she wanted actually had thought and purpose behind them.  He boasted that “if it worked” instead of 3-6 months to live she could live 6 months -5 years longer.

STOP. But at what cost?  Why wasn’t this part of the conversation? Why was everyone pushing off her feelings as invalid? Because she suffered from depression?

My mother describing her cancer to me is one of the most grueling horror stories I’ve ever seen.  But… it wasn’t much different than what I pictured when she talked about her depression.  She spoke to me about this dark hand that was reaching up from inside her and crushing all of her organs so much so that she couldn’t speak and nobody could see this or hear her screaming for relief.  Her voice didn’t matter – all that mattered is she needed to make as many people happy as possible.  Her pain didn’t matter.  Her voice didn’t matter.  Her thoughts didn’t matter.

She talked about her death like this all my life – she even had told me how old she was going to be when she died – and she was right.  The last two months of her life were miserable, she wasn’t eating well, she wasn’t sleeping well… and all she said was I do NOT want any more chemo.  She continued with the chemo because her Doctor and others said she had to at least try once more.  She died 2 months after our meeting with her Doctor (with the additional chemo treatment).

I know this will be very disturbing to people and will be upsetting to others.  My point in sharing is we need to become better listeners… and not just to a persons choice or reply – but to understand what is bringing another person to their choices.  Not just for major things like  life and death decisions – but LIVING decisions.  We don’t all have to agree, and we don’t all have the answers – but listening to understand means that you value that person.  Valuing their methods or madness to any decision affords that person value in themselves.

My mom was a strong woman that had many hard life situations to deal with from a very young age.  MY MOM WAS AN ARTIST, A THOUGHT FILLED WOMAN, A SURVIVOR, A LISTENER…. she was just finally broken because she had to be strong for too long.  She has given me strength to make life decisions that are best for me, and the strength to know that falling down means nothing if you get back up.  I will forever be a  seeker – and spend my time enjoying the journey instead of focusing on an end.   ~love you mom


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I’m a business woman, a wife, and a mom.  I SWEAR… I could remember everything, even weddings and appointments I did  years earlier.  If you asked me my schedule for the upcoming week… bam.. I could recite it dates, times… and then one day I became a MOM…. and instant MOMNESIA set in.  What was wrong with me? Now if it wasn’t written down, with an alarm, and a reminder the day prior I didn’t know where to be or what to do.  What? the kids are off school early – what am I suppose to do?  I can’t stay up until 1pm finishing a client order – I need to get up and get my kids to school, then homework, then sports.  And whew… the one day I got to bed early, you think you’re ahead of the game until one of them wakes up puking in the middle of the night.



Why am I so excited about EHT?  I sat in front of scientist from Princeton University and Signum Biosciences earlier in April this year, and listened to them in all their biological, scientific glory tell me details about a new supplement… and I think they had every hard working person, every athlete, and every parent on the planet that knows they have been inflicted with the “mom brain” in tears.  They explained to us that they found a natural way to help all of us… with our focus, or immunity…. we have this thing in our brains called PP2A that really affects almost everything in our body… and Tau…that makes it function.  There is now an app for that…. and I AM SO %$@^IIN excited!!!! If you’re not going to admit it yourself, I’m pretty sure if you work, are a parent, play sports, go to college – at one point or another you have wished you could stay more focused.  You’ve wished you could remember better – or at least know someone that has said this to you.


In order to explain it a little better to you – here is the video press release, it’s worth the time to watch!

Nerium EHT: Protect and Fortify Your Brain Naturally


Are you a sports fan?  Then this might interest you to watch too:

Nerium EHT Brain Supplement Announcement


The aging process can take a toll on brain function. Over time, vital neuronal connections weaken, which can cause memory loss, slower reaction times and diminished alertness. EHT®* Age-Defying Supplement helps protect against mental decline with a groundbreaking formula that includes our exclusive, patented EHT® extract, a natural mixture of bioactive molecules isolated from coffee. For a full list of ingredients, click here. Fortified with other rejuvenating ingredients, including vitamins B6, B12, D3, folic acid, magnesium citrate, selenium, Huperzine A (which increases focus) and the antioxidant lipoic acid, this supplement:
• Promotes better cognitive function and overall brain health
• Combats oxidative stress and chronic inflammation
• Fortifies and strengthens natural brain functions
• Protects and supports neuronal networking
• Enhances the body’s natural energy stores
• Boosts the body’s immune system
• Increases focus

EHT is available NOW!





I’m looking for the teeny, tiny, itty, bitty yumminess that we call newborns! Casting CALL starts NOW. I have some newborn awesomeness in props that I want photographed…. so if you have… will have soon… or know if ANYONE having a newborn baby that is 2 weeks or younger IT’S TIME FOR SOME ART!

Must be a newborn that is 14 days old or LESS
UNDER 7 LBS (for any premies that showed themselves early)

Photoshoots will be at my Denver Studio, and if you qualify the session and one 11×14 canvas print will be FREE. Qualification will be determined by the above and our schedule availability! Photographer will have 100% creative control, so we can’t do a list – shoots will be based on our vision.

* If you have a newborn e-mail us immediately so we can get you on the schedule.
* If you are due in Dec or January e-mail us immediately with your approximate due date so we can set a tentative date and then adjust it for when the baby actually arrives.



To view my work online please visit

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For every newborn 2 weeks or less photographed by me in December 2014 – January 2015 they will be entered into a drawing on February 1st, 2015 for a BABY BOOK!



BIG things coming with Nerium

We have BIG things coming in 2015. As you know, Nerium has broken record after record. We did $100 Million in our first year of business, and after year 3 we are over $400 Million. We received the Bravo Growth Award for being the fastest growing direct sales company in history, and had the most successful launch of any skincare line – ever! There are about 8-10,000 DS companies in the world, and in our first year we made the Direct Selling News Global Top 100 List at #87, and #54 in our second year. We are the first and ONLY company to have a global patent on our active ingredients, so no other business or individual can copy what we have. A company can only have that kind of success when their products work and their business structure and leadership are phenomenal. And that’s what we have!

This is a business. This is not just “another one of those things.” This is not mascara, fake nails, tupperware or clothing. We have something that no one else has.

In the first part of 2015 we will be launching into ALL of Asia! And in April, one of the most prestigious Medical Universities will be attaching their name to our products, and we will be releasing a new product with 35+ years of scientific and medical research behind it.

So THIS is when you want to be building your teams – because the time to get in is before these things happen. Myself, and your entire Nerium team will help you and your teams grow. We will really be focusing on training, communication, and making sure we are all ready to go!

This company is a gift – at least that’s how I see it. And it’s a gift I want to share with everyone! If you have even 20 minutes, I would love to talk to you about this business and about everything it has to offer. Then you can decide if it’s a right fit for a positive change in your life and those you know.

Nerium Gives Back



Your rights.

There are a lot of stresses over the holidays.  There are many things that make this time of year more difficult to different people in different ways, and while we all have the right to be upset or disturbed or sad or angry… it’s time to own that and move on whenever we can. Own the fact that you have the right to feel however you feel – that is 100% healthy.  Someone cuts us off, the mail/packages don’t arrive in time, someone says something hurtful.  What if instead of complaining we stopped and looked at the situation and made a conscious decision to THINK before we complain.

1. Will complaining change the situation?

2. Will complaining make me feel better about the situation?

3. Have I really considered others involved and maybe given the benefit of the doubt that some things may be out of anyone’s control?

4.  Was whatever that happened that upset you or the circumstances something that was purposefully malicious?

In most situations, complaining does nothing but amplify your negative feelings and complaining to others may make you feel for a brief moment like others agree with you and that empowers you… but it is really a very momentary thing, and has fixed nothing about the situation.  It may have even amplified it so much bigger than it actually is in reality.

When you are angry maybe ask yourself the questions above.   Will complaining change the situation? Is there a way you can confront a situation with honesty so that you feel better about a little release of whatever is bothering you?  Will venting and complaining about a situation get other people upset that are really not involved?

Or if you are really ready to turn it around.  Turn it around and maybe give a little love or extra help to that someone, or to someone totally not part of the equation to make you feel better and put you in a better mood.

It’s human nature to want support, but know the difference between telling people something because you’re trying to help them or make sure other’s don’t encounter the same situation – and the later… complaining to get support for your own instant empowerment.

Lastly… know that we all have bad days… we all have days where we complain – and that’s ok to… and if you are on the listening end… do just that, listen instead of elevating whenever you can.


So you don’t say I didn’t let you know. It’s officially been shared.


If you were given the opportunity to partner with Google when they were just a few years old – given what you know now – would you have found a way to do it?


The ship is in the harbor… this company is growing at the rate of Google, Microsoft… and faster than many other big names you know. I wasn’t willing to let the ship sale without me! I can run my business doing what I love, partner with a company that is skyrocketing, and have MORE time with my family and for myself. Yep – it’s that good! I would rather tell you about this now and give you the chance to be part of something this huge – than say nothing, and have you come to me in a year and ask me why I never told you about the opportunity.

You can listen in and ask questions too.


Dec 11th: 7:00pm MST
Dec 12th: 9:30am MST
Dec 13th: 10:30am MST
Dec 14th: 2:30pm MST
Dec 16th: 10:30am MST

You must be on a computer or laptop (not available via phones)
And you can also get more info on my site at

  cdb16a6f-60dc-4b8a-ba03-94f63194d348-large images copy  Jeanine-Thurston-Photography_20141012_DDLM_1034 Optimera-Postcards-SpanishBefore and 2 weeks after8 week transform

My mother's photos before Nerium and after using NeriumAD for a month.

My mother’s photos before Nerium and after using NeriumAD for a month.


A snapshot of your child’s life.

There is no place to compare our children to others.  Not to others in our household, not to others in school – because there is not one child out there like another.  They love different things at different times, they learn things at different speeds. Their minds are so busy with taking in every bit of information, categorizing it, filing it, re-filing it and this is a never ending process.  WE CAN encourage and lead by example… and we can accept that some children will learn information in different ways.  Finding what they excel in and celebrating that can give them encouragement to work on some of the things that they maybe aren’t learning as quickly.  Every child has something that can be celebrated… find that in your child.

Today, start a list… by listening.  For a week keep a piece of paper on your counter and start writing down things that your child says, what interests them and make a collection of who your child is right now.  Do this yearly, monthly, however often you can and put it with a photo when you are done.  This is the most amazing memory book you can ever assemble – it allows you to see who your child is – a snapshot of their personality.  Then take a day and celebrate all the things that make your child amazing and unique.