Green Chef -Rave review


I know many of you on my social media pages have seen a lot of food photos lately.  I’ve been photographing the meals at Green Chef this past year – and it has been so much fun… and frankly – I can’t believe that organic, GMO free, healthy food can taste so good while appealing to so many diets (I wasn’t ever a fan of Vegan or Gluten free before).  Really… I don’t feel like I even learned how to cook until the past year and I could hold my own before this.  Best of all – my husband who really doesn’t cook… is… you guessed it – cooking and seems to be liking it!  My kids? Well.. they’ve always been broccoli and green bean eaters… but when it came to salads and other veggies… not so much.  Yep – they are now eating salads and veggies that I hadn’t even really tried or cooked with before.

So that being said.  Recently Consumer Reports dug into Green Chef (check it out here) with an amazing rating of EXCELLENT!  Yes – I’m going to toot their horn – this is a great accomplishment from a company only two years old.  Quality and care for their customers is exceptional – and they impress me all the time (and yes, I’ve tried other similar companies… no comparison in my opinion).

There are some great reads too on the Green Chef BLOG – so you should definitely check it out.  One of my favorite recent posts is about Brittany – Green Chef’s product buyer – LOVE HER.  Anyway – I could go on and on… but you can read more on their blog.

And.. if you feel the need to try them out (which I highly recommend) – you can use this link to get your first 4 meals free.  It’s easy to skip weeks and just get the weeks you want ongoing too… I login every couple weeks and decide which shipments I want and don’t want – and there are a ton of options and opt outs for meats and GF… etc.

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