Back to school photos at the studio this year again!

NO I DIDN’T FORGET – and the kids head back to school in just a few weeks.

August 5th from 10am-2pm only

-limited sessions available-

We always like to make them fun and put a spin on school photos – they are anything but boring!

5337_10200426994652005_1615704100_n 1524972_1518059801757808_6228059119096622432_n 1452443_1419748444922278_315737881_nJeanine-Thurston-Photography_JT_9001

What to wear?  Anything – dress them up or let them be themselves – whatever goes for portraits. However here are some fun styles that look great if you are drawing a blank on ideas!

69fc299113c208233e63dbc6a842c4eb 0a2b1c44ee45092634c989ad10eb4660 f697064512352ef36f9604cc637b1880 da7ecabecc5161670144ac287f6dc59c f1e9656589e286f94cb3512724f9102e 3412c85ddd4d8feaafa70dc513b6a673b6ea52066bf9c6296c9273ea87e53200 838e972dc61d1a6eaf31a59f66463089 480abc91cb353bfd506d91aad0dcd368

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