What’s so great about network marketing?

There are a couple reasons to join a network marketing business.



If you’re only joining for the first of the above reasons you are likely to fail and the marketing/business structure will not work for you.  The amazing thing about a good network marketing company – is that you make money by helping others succeed.

This concept is a difficult shift to make for many that come from the traditional corporate world.

IT’S A PYRAMID THING.  Well, in actuality, traditional corporations are built more like a pyramid than a network marketing company.  You have your CEO or top, and then it trickles down into a pyramid shape of the amount of salary, benefits, support… so if you want to think of a pyramid – look at traditional corporations, churches… etc.  How a good network marketing company works is actually a reverse pyramid structure.  In network marketing, your base isn’t on the ground at all – your base is at the top and the top is pulling you up not pushing you to the bottom.  Network marketing’s focus is getting more people to the top… sounds good right? No more trying to hold your position at the company by suppressing others…. instead being rewarded for helping other succeed.

WHY THE BAD RAP?  Back to the beginning of this post.  To succeed in network marketing you need to want to succeed and to help others succeed.  Many people only partner with a network marketing company to make money – if they don’t see a huge cash flow in the first few weeks or months, or if they encounter any opposition they feel discouraged and quit, and many times bad-mouth the company.

Now it has been found that people that can delay gratification often led more successful lives than those who could not.  That delay in gratification is a tough one to swallow sometimes.


~You have a business structure thats goal is for YOU to succeed.

~Company focus is on developing not only your business skills, but your emotional intelligence.

~You are an entrepreneur – you make your own hours, your growth is directly linked to your efforts.

~Opportunity for residual income.

~Positive  team support.

~In many cases you have the opportunity to start with a network marketing company with spare time before you decide to leave your day job, or keep your day job if you love that too.

~In a good network marketing company you are not limited in growth potential by the person who recruited you.  You are part of a team, but not stuck under management.  You have the opportunity to surpass earnings of anyone above you.


If you do your research and find a good network marketing company.  If you go into it with the intent to not only help yourself but also help others.  If you DON’T quit too soon, and have the ability to delay gratification and self motivate.  It’s a place where emotional intelligence outweighs book-smarts, which means anyone can achieve and succeed with the right company and the right personal outlook and drive to succeed.  Ask yourself this… are you coachable?  If you are – and willing to follow the steps of those that are already succeeding in the company – you have a good chance of success.


Yes – it’s always important to do your homework before you start with a company, start your own company… educate yourself about the product(s), company, and leadership within the company.  The random internet article doesn’t mean it’s fact either – research reputable sources!


-What is the product?

-When/how will you start actually making money?

-Where is the product available and where can it be promoted?

-Is the industry that the company is part if growing?

-How were you recruited and by who? Is the person that recruited your reputable?

WHY are you doing this… THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION!  It’s not for the immediate cash crunch you may be in at the moment, or the get rich quick – that’s what the lotto is for.  But if you believe in the product, and the company is structured well, and if it has great leadership – it can mean residual income and financial security with some effort by you in building your team and helping others succeed.

Just my thoughts/experience.

Jeanine Thurston, MBA – Business & Marketing



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