Happy New Year

A New Year and New Adventures

We have said our goodbyes to 2014 and begin to warmly greeting a new year. Okay maybe not with warm temperatures but warm hearts!!

A new year can hold so many moments! New adventures, moments of achievement, soulful smiles and laughter, times of saying goodbye and the start of new chapters.

I think back on graduation parties, important birthdays, holiday parties, new beginings and so on that I wish I would have documented better over the years.

Think about what your year is going to hold. Think about what you want to rememebr and document to look back on and reflect. How are you going to capture these moments of your life?

We have two great options for capturing a year of special moments! Our Chronicles Series are great ways to document your year.

The Chronicles Series I: $1800

3) 90 minute portrait sessions to be used over 12 months and a $300 print credit for each session

The Chronicles Series II: $2500

3) 90 minute portrait sessions to be used over 12 months and the digital files package from each session

These sessions could be used for:

The Documentation of a Pregnancy

A Birth, 6 Months and Year

Birthday Parties…even the big ones, 50, 60, 70!!!


To Annouce a Secret…such as moving or expecting a child


Capturing Him or Her saying YES!

Saying Goodbye to someone leaving for service or work overseas or in another country.

Graduations and other school milestones; like becoming a 1st grader or finishing elementary school!!

These moments that hold space in your heart can be captured and we would love to be a part of those moments.

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