So you don’t say I didn’t let you know. It’s officially been shared.


If you were given the opportunity to partner with Google when they were just a few years old – given what you know now – would you have found a way to do it?


The ship is in the harbor… this company is growing at the rate of Google, Microsoft… and faster than many other big names you know. I wasn’t willing to let the ship sale without me! I can run my business doing what I love, partner with a company that is skyrocketing, and have MORE time with my family and for myself. Yep – it’s that good! I would rather tell you about this now and give you the chance to be part of something this huge – than say nothing, and have you come to me in a year and ask me why I never told you about the opportunity.

You can listen in and ask questions too.


Dec 11th: 7:00pm MST
Dec 12th: 9:30am MST
Dec 13th: 10:30am MST
Dec 14th: 2:30pm MST
Dec 16th: 10:30am MST

You must be on a computer or laptop (not available via phones)
And you can also get more info on my site at

  cdb16a6f-60dc-4b8a-ba03-94f63194d348-large images copy  Jeanine-Thurston-Photography_20141012_DDLM_1034 Optimera-Postcards-SpanishBefore and 2 weeks after8 week transform

My mother's photos before Nerium and after using NeriumAD for a month.

My mother’s photos before Nerium and after using NeriumAD for a month.


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