I believe in miracles… you sexy thing.

So if you’re wondering where the heading to this post is coming from, I was reading reviews about NeriumAD and kind of giggling when the song by Hot Chocolate – I believe in miracles circa 1975.

Miracles – well, I come from the stance that miracles are something that happen when you work hard and believe in yourself, or things like your newborn child being born.  So as it applies to creams… it doesn’t in my mind.  What do I believe? In feeling better and how that helps you be better and accomplish more.   Whenever you read reviews of any product – especially attached to before and after photos – there are highs and lows, there are honest people and there are trolls.  Knowing the difference with the internet is almost completely indistinguishable any more.  As the saying goes “you can’t believe everything you read on the internet.”

So from that – here is my personal experience with the Nerium Products and company.

Was I a Brand Partner at first? NO.  In fact, I thought the person that presented it to me was crazy.  Why? back to my first statements here – I don’t believe in miracle creams.  I did agree to try NeriumAD day and night because the person that presented to me is someone I trusted and who had done MUA work for me for the past 5 years… and I saw a transformation in the quality of her skin over a short period of time.  She had very broken skin and it wasn’t healthy… then saw her a few times and her skin was looking great.   As a photographer… I want to note, that I see people’s skin up close and personal when I’m editing photos…SOMETIMES TOO UP CLOSE.  I notice differences in skin because I see my clients’ skin closer than anyone else would besides their dermatologist.

Back to all about me – I don’t wear make-up 99.9% of the time and I have never really used any creams besides a light sun block if I know I’ll be in the sun.  My skin was in good condition – not great, age spots and rosie cheeks and uneven skin tone… and some wrinkles around the eyes were what I noticed on a daily basis. … I used NeriumAD for a week, and it didn’t make me break out and my skin felt softer.  I proceeded to purchase a bottle of the Nerium Firm, mostly for my upper arms and used that on my upper arms, bum, tummy, and legs.

First I want to say that no matter what the product, it works more or less for different people.  It depends on the condition of your skin and how your skin and the product works together.  I loved my results… I did before photos, and I did after photos and I saw a huge change in my skin… and my personal photos proved that it was working for me.  Frankly I didn’t think my skin was as yucky as it was until I took before photos and I was a little creeped out at how old it was looking.

Here are my personal results so far.

8 week transform

Before and 2 weeks after

Now I’m not going to tell you that you will get the same results as me.  You could get less, the same, or better than you see here.  But after a couple weeks I did decide to become a Brand Partner with Nerium based on

1. The great results I was getting personally and was happy to share that it worked for me.

2. The company is honest, helpful, and signing up I got product, marketing materials, a website, and a huge support system – on top of earning my investment back in 2 weeks – and a considerable weekly “extra” income within 4 weeks on very little time(I only spent about 4-6 hours a week).  I started with Nerium at a very busy time with my own business.

MY THOUGHTS.  If you like or love the product great – I love it too.  If you want to make extra money or do it as a full time business – as an MBA in Marketing it is THE best mlm marketing structure I’ve seen with the possibility of even rising above who signed you up…. as pay is based on personal performance.  I personally have NEVER done mlm prior to this – and although have looked into them before I never been happy with the pay structure or support that other companies offered.  I went in knowing that I would be happy that my investment in the product was covered with what I received going in, and wanted to earn my product free because I DO love the products.  I have personally seen other’s skin change for the better… people I know well including my own mother (see photo below of her neck).  I do feel like if you don’t take a before and after photo you don’t have a “base of comparison.”  As humans we don’t see small changes over time for the most part, so the proof is definitely in the before and after photos.

I am 43 years old (going on 44)… I don’t expect perfection, and I own my wrinkles from experience.  However, healthy skin is important to me and not looking older than I actually am does make me feel better.  I base that on how I feel, as I really don’t care if I’m being judged by someone else on how many wrinkles I may or may not have.  I don’t want to deal with pimples if I can help it at this age and it helped me with that issue too.  I know that I’m not a “thin” person, but the Nerium Firm helped my arms feel better.  My husband noticed all on his own that my skin was softer.  And the rash and bumps I had on the back of my arms from the time I was a child have lessened considerably… and I wasn’t willing to take drugs internally to get rid of it – so Nerium helped me with that too, and it was completely unexpected for that issue.

Just my experience… and the best part is you can order it and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  So if you like it great! and if you don’t… get a refund – simple! Just click here to try it for yourself.


My mother's photos before Nerium and after using NeriumAD for a month.

My mother’s photos before Nerium and after using NeriumAD for a month.

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