Nerium – Be yourself. Be beautiful. Build a business around your life.


I tell people every day that they are beautiful, because I believe it’s true.  Every person I look at has some amazingly unique quality about them that makes them stand out.  I welcome and am inspired by differences in individuals – it what makes being a professional photographer such a rewarding job.  I also see people come to me saying they hate having their photo take, or aren’t photogenic.   It’s hard to describe to people why they are beautiful, and when you do – many brush it off. Why? We are our own worst critics…. we take ourselves down and see the glass half empty when we are reviewing who we are.

I completely understand this and it is why I’ve hid behind the camera for so many years.  I don’t wear make-up and have done little to nothing with my skin for my entire life.  When a friend asked me to try Nerium (and not any friend – she happens to be an amazing MUA/Stylist as well), I figured I would go for a week.  Not expecting any results and not for a second expecting to buy a bottle once the week trial was over.   But after a week, I did want more, then I wanted it free, and now today I endorse NeriumAD and Nerium Firm as a Brand Partner.

NeriumAd Age-Defying Treatment is an easy product to use:  Once a day, right before bedtime, with no systems and no Hassle.  Just results, and it can address multiple concerns with one product.  Since they are so confident about the real results you’ll experience with NeriumAD, Nerium International  offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on any product purchase.  And I love that it is a nature-based product with no harsh ingredients, Noncomedogenic and safe for all skin types.


There is an opportunity for everyone at Nerium.  Besides earning a part-time or full-time income you can also earn luxury trips, LEXUS car bonuses, shares in global sales pools, leadership bonuses and free product.

What attracted me to Nerium International was the company was founded by Jeff Olson, a top industry leader, who is directing the company’s vision, development, and global expansion.  The core values represent something you can be part of and believe in.  It allows Brand Partners to experience life to the fullest, create a sustainable business, build lasting relationships, travel the world with friends, and be a part of a family of life-changer.

I still run a successful full-time photography business, have a family with two children, and have the support of a great team that allows me to be a successful with Nerium as a Brand Partner and now Director… so with a busy schedule like mine… I know you could do this too!

If you have any questions at all on the products or about becoming a part of a great company please find more information on my website at NERIUM INTERNATIONAL.

Before-and-2-weeks-after_WEB NeriumAD-after-2-weeks-eyes                     NeriumFirm_Real-Results-Customer_3-14_5 NeriumFirm_Real-Results-Customer_3-14_412266_10203907688765272_2470630428768571287_n

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