If you’re not social – stop participating… right?


I hear people complaining A LOT lately about others posting fundraising efforts, posting non-profit challenges, posting about their businesses and saying that it isn’t right and it is unsolicited.

Facebook and LinkedIn are two of many social media platforms – and for small businesses and non-profits it is about the only platform that is that is affordable.  Not many read the newspaper any more,  you’re suppose to direct call people,  if you e-mail too much it’s considered SPAM.  It is called SOCIAL MEDIA… for those that need that defined.  Regardless of if you really care about what others are doing or selling, if you are on Facebook, Linked in, Pinterest, Twitter… the list goes on typically it means that you have agreed that you are a social person.  You want to know about people, things going on, events, happenings, and you have some level of “care” about the people you are connected with and maybe the people they are connected with.  Linkedin as well – is a social BUSINESS TOOL.  It has options for job searching, job offers, businesses… you can peek into peoples portfolios and their experience without ever really knowing them.  You can refer people you can e-mail people and asks to connect with people you are connected to.

The awesome thing about social medias is there are delete buttons, blocking buttons, ways you can not see people’s feeds. Sometimes you may get e-mails and messages from people that you didn’t directly “ask” to talk to; but they may be offering you some information about themselves, about their businesses, about opportunities, or wanting to know you better because maybe you have something in common.

Maybe I have more patience than some (and less than others), but it doesn’t hurt my feelings, I don’t get angry about getting messages on social sites because… well… I’m a social person.  What may not interest me now may fit with my life later and information is information – take it or leave it.   I may ask to be taken off a call list if I get phone calls daily from marketing companies… but only because it invades my life in a way that I have to answer my phone in case it is a client or family member that needs my attention; however, with social media – I’m viewing it when I’m at my computer when I have a minute… it’s not interrupting my business day and I can unsubscribe if I don’t want to receive any more notices or if it doesn’t relate to what I need at the moment.

I could talk on this topic for a LONG time and I know some people are getting heated just reading this.  But, really non-profits and people running small businesses are just trying to make difference in their lives or the lives of the people they love and the causes and efforts that affect their lives.  So looking at it with that perspective – I don’t know really how anyone can get angry about having to hit the delete button on a message on Linkedin or how someone can get irritated that someone attempted to contact them when that is what social is… attempting to make connections to improve our lives or meet people that may have common interests.  

You don’t know if you don’t ask right?  Someone that seems similar to you or looks as if they have similar interests, or someone that may or may not be a fit for your small business or non-profit…why is there any reason to get defensive if they attempt to connect with you or message you?

So I’m leaving this open ended and want to hear from you below – what’s your take on social media and what do you see as the boundaries… 




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