NeriumAD Products


Many of you know me as a professional photographer.  Long story short… I’ve been a tomboy most of my life.  I don’t wear make-up, partly because it doesn’t interest me and partly because whenever I have my skin breaks out almost immediately.  

Now let’s fast forward a bit.  I photograph a lot of people… from moms to models, and one of my goto MUAs Samanta (who is quite amazing I must add), said she had this product that I should try.  That’s it… just try it.  She gave me her sample for a week and asked me to take a before photo with my cell phone and an after photo a week later.  Of course these were “close-ups” showing my skin and face and I just cringed!  After the before photos – I decided I’m only ok with looking at myself from at least 3 feet away…Yikes!

After a few days I noticed my skin felt softer – ok… that’s great, but still wasn’t that excited.  At about 5 days my skin looked brighter, and at 7 days… I went ahead and took the after photos with my cell phone again.  Fully expecting that I would see little to no results.  And I was in shock at the difference.  Now normally they ask you to sample the product for 30 days so at 7 days I was seriously not expecting one ounce of change – needless to say I got way more change that I ever expected.  Sold… not because someone gave me a sales pitch, and not because Samantha told me it was awesome stuff… but because it actually worked for me.


Seriously, I don’t want to sell you on this at all.  What I would love is for you to try it out – and if you LOVE it then that is awesome… and if it’s not for you?… this company gives you a 30 day money back guarantee… so there is nothing to loose (ok… maybe a few wrinkles and softer skin).

Thanks it – a week later and I was so impressed that I signed up as a Brand Partner with the company.  I have never done this with any other company and I get people wanting me to try stuff all the time.  The company is supportive and it is proactive in donating to great causes too!


If you would like to give it a try click my link NERIUMAD ORDER

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