What tops your list? Wedding Vendors/Venues/Details.


Yes, I want to hear from you!  Tell me who/or what are the top 5 things on your list for wedding vendors/venues/details.  No particular order, I just want to know the 5 most important things you choose first to shape your wedding day. This is a poll, so we want to get as many responses as possible – so please pass this around to EVERYONE.  It doesn’t matter if you are not married, getting married, or already married – we want to hear your top 5! I’m not going to lead this with a list of options… i just want the top 5 things straight out of your head!

No vendor business names please – we want to keep it simple & no advertising.Thank you!

Here is your chance to help us get an accurate poll….Go…. and keep it going….


18 thoughts on “What tops your list? Wedding Vendors/Venues/Details.

  1. 1. Having the perfect partner and my closest friends and family waiting at the end of the isle.
    2. Photographer
    3. Music
    4. Design of the cake
    5. The most amazing dress.


  2. 1. photographer
    2. planner
    3. having a rockin wedding without the stress – just fun
    4. Lots of unique things like DIY style
    5. flowers everywhere


  3. 1. photographer that does a separate bridal date
    2. live music
    3. dress and all the fixings
    4. a great location outdoors
    5. a short day so that guests don’t get tired – just have fun


  4. 1. special location
    2. photographer
    3. dress that makes me feel beautiful
    4. music
    5. some quiet time alone with my husband after we exchange vows


  5. Photography was first on my list. I had seen my mother’s wedding pictures and they were terrible; I wanted the moments of our wedding day to be captured beautifully.
    The officiant was next; we wanted someone who knew us.
    From there things like the location, flowers and other small details or decorations were the focus.


  6. Photographer, and a good one at that…the details are not near as important as being able to reflect back on your day.
    Dress with good alterations
    Flowers and decor


  7. I need the perfect dress first
    Great venue so all of my family & friends can come
    Photographer – so I don’t have to worry about missing anything
    Would love some great mexican food
    Music (maybe live?)


  8. 1Super good makeup and hair person -I am useless myself at this
    2beautiful dress so my fiance goes wow
    3Quiet mountain wedding spot (looking now)
    4Great photographer, my friend is heart broken about getting a bad photographer – I want someone I trust.
    5 PIE… no cake for us!


  9. Top on my list for Wedding Vendors and Venues
    1. Someone who gets my vision but will add suggestions of their own. I’m creative and have a clear vision but I do want someone to take the lead.
    2. A venue that is central as most of our guests are from out of town and staying in central denver. But … not a hotel.
    3. A positive and genuine person. You are probably stalking my facebook or pinterest board, so I’m looking at yours too. I’ve seen vendors write snarky remarks on their personal facebook wall – that’s weird. I appreciate getting to know my vendors more than just through business. I want to know that my vendors do things they love and the wedding industry is tied to it. Whether its teaching a kid’s cooking class (if you’re a caterer), volunteer at a shelter (because you like helping people), or help unprivileged kids throw cool parties (if you’re an event coordinator) .. that’s awesome! I’m not selecting a vendor based on affiliation which makes me think of sorority. I selected my vendors based on authenticity and how I connected with them. Early on, I did contact like a million caterers for quotes because I didn’t know .. but after a million emails – the person who wanted to meet rather than just sending a million emails back and forth meant more.
    4. Venue that has meaning. My fiance & I spend a lot of time walking or running around Wash Park. Getting married in a place that was influential on our beginning of a relationship was important
    4. Freedom. I dislike when venues that make you chose from a specific list. I’m creative and have creative ideas & want my vendor partners to be the same way. Open minded and creative.

    Top 5 things that have shaped our wedding day
    1. Location.
    2. Time of the year
    3. Us. I thought about having a lighter palate of colors like blush or light pink but, we stepped back and realized we wear A LOT of blue and greens. Our car is green. Our front door is blue. Green / Blue is our color. While light pink might look beautiful at a wedding, it isn’t our style. And, that flower head piece? Is that really you?
    4. Pinterest. We had to step back from Pinterest and put our own twist on it
    5. Our own skill set. We know what wanted & could craft for our decor and what we wanted vendors for.


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